Saturday, December 19, 2015

Comfortable and cozy.

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting that much lately, I promise I'll try to have a brand new post at least once a week from now on! So the weather here in Greece is getting colder and colder and all I want is to stay home with a hot chocolate, a cozy blanket and spend the night watching movies! When I go out I choose to wear hoodies and cozy boots most of the time and that's pretty much what I'm wearing in this post.. I promise there are more exciting posts to come since I'm already planning my outfits for the holidays!

Although my Uggs are not the most flattering pair of shoes I own, they are insanely comfortable and warm! 

Thanks for reading and happy holidays guys! xx

  • Jacket: Barbour
  • Hoodie: Adidas
  • Jeans: Zara
  • Boots: Ugg


  1. You're gorgeous Maria! Totally love your Uggs! Happy holidays! <3

  2. Hello,

    Beautiful look ! :D